Sowmya J Krish

Understanding food and how it connects with your body

We all love food. Except the ones who don’t. Confused? If you have ever faced gastric issues you know what I am talking about. If you have ever tried to ‘lose’ weight, you know what I am talking about. We often forget that food is a source of our nutrition and start looking at it as the enemy. We all want that perfect body, we want our body and our digestive system to function in the best possible way no matter what we put in there and get shocked, irritated and confused when all these different symptoms start to show up.

All this is an important reminder. Do we even have a relationship with the food we consume anymore? When we buy store made ready meals, are we even checking the ingredients list to check what we are consuming or is seeing a picture of the delicious looking pizza (which never seems to the case in reality) enough?

The truth is, well if you are spiritual, you know that we are all energy. Food is also a form of energy. And when the energies are of a different frequency, then it does not sit well so to speak. For example, when I was going through gut related issues, I realized that eating peanuts made me very agitated. Now peanuts are a named allergy food but how come some people can have it and others cannot? And how does it affect people in different degrees? Because there is a no one size fits all rule with food. Seemingly tasty and harmless foods and even amazingly nutritional foods may not suit you. We are all just learning doing this human thing as we go you know, so what we do not know is just as big as what we do know.

I guess I am going to be publishing a series of blogs on this topic about how to address many common ‘issues’ related to diet and weight and so many other issues but understanding and then managing your relationship with food. For now, just be aware of what you put in your body and lose the guilt. Whatever you consume, term it according to love it/ don’t like it as opposed to ‘is this good or bad for me?’

Let’s get started on building this relationship J