Sowmya J Krish

Here's a little more about me...

Originally from India, I am currently based in the UK. Although my native roots are based in Southern India, I have lived in many cities across the country and consider myself a collective Indian (no state bias!).

As a Computer Science Engineer with an MBA in Strategy & Operations, I have worked both in Tech and more recently in Management Consulting.

However, I have also been a keen enthusiast of art forms, languages, nature and nutrition. I dabbled in music and dance for as long as I can remember and still very much a student of the arts.

Over the years, I have through my experience and research also become interested in many things that make up a good life and I pen down my thoughts here…

Go on, click through below, and have fun!


I love Indian music and primarily sing Hindi songs as well as other languages when the mood strikes. Check out my youtube channel & drop me a line if you have any suggestions!


Dance is my joy, a space where I feel free and powerful. I try everything & anything, so check out my collection of dance covers on my youtube channel. Get in touch for 1-1 dance classes.


In this blog I share tried & tested methods that help put nutrition and physical fitness as a priority!


Check out this blog where I share my thoughts & experiences on navigating through parenthood!


This space is all about wellbeing.. about feeling good, spirituality and staying inspired with yourself and with the way we engage with the world..


So better choices all around as we choose with care and treat with care, ourselves, our home and our world.. Go Green!